For dog walking bookings with less than 24 hour notice of a cancellation we charge $11.50 for a 30 minute walk and $15.23 for a 1 hour walk. If the dog walker arrives at the house and your dog is not home or unavailable the full fee for the walk will be charged.

Bad Weather Cancellations:

Some exceptions are made for extreme bad weather such as blizzards or severe thunderstorms. In these cases there will be no charge for the cancellation.

Booking Deposit:

We require full payment to reserve your pet sitting dates. A $50.00 non-refundable cancellation fee for bookings less than a week and a $100.00 non-refundable cancellation fee for bookings longer than a week will apply. You will be credited or refunded the difference.

If you’re booking one or two visits and your invoice total is less than $50.00, we require a non-refundable cancellation fee equal to the cost of one visit.

Additional Policies:

  • All dog walking clients require City of Winnipeg license tags on their collars or attached to their leash/harness. We are not responsible for fines incurred by unlicensed dogs.
  • We only provide consecutive days of cat sitting. Every second day is not possible due to our insurance liability.
  • No task sharing with family or friends due to our insurance liability.
  • Pet sitting for dogs requires a minimum of 3 visits per day for every full day you are away.
  • All new clients require a consultation at no charge before any service can begin. Please allow 2 weeks before service begins to book a consultation. We unfortunately cannot accommodate last minute requests if you are not on file with us.
  • No credits for pet sitting dates booked if you return home earlier than expected.
  • Client needs to supply all food, toys, and supplies for dog or cat sitting services. We charge a $25.00 per hour fee if we need to stop at the store and you will be invoiced for the supplies picked up. A receipt will be provided.